Thirty days, thirty marks

Date created: 2013.12.21 (J)
Date conceived: 2014.04
Environment: Standing wall with two usable sides.
Materials: Black paint, large black marker, photographs.
Drawing Action: J and W take large digital photographs of each other, create two prints (one of each person) and hang them on opposite sides of the wall. Each artist can only see the photograph they have taken of the other person. On the first day the artist chooses the favorite part of the portrait he or she is looking at, and negates that part by painting or marking a black square over that part. The artist may also choose to cut out this part and put it in storage. The second day, the artist will select his or her second favorite part of the portrait and negate this part. Continue until 30 days have passed. Display portraits side by side.
Alternatives: W may choose to do this drawing action with his own portrait and display this next to the same photograph negated by J, and vice versa.
Preferred Documentation: Documentation of the photograph at the end of each day.