constellation no. 1

Action created: 2014.07.07 (J)
Performed: 2015.08.23
Environment: White room (approx 10 cubic feet).
Materials: Nails, two hammers, scissors, black embroidery thread.

Drawing Action: J and W nail an anchor in the center of the room on the floor and an anchor in the ceiling. They will tie a doubled up thread from the ceiling to the floor -- the thread must be taut. J and W will carry 50 nails each. W will take one end of the loose thread and find a spot on one wall where the constellation will begin. W will hammer a nail into that spot and tie the thread there. J will then take the thread and pull it away from W, making sure to cross through the middle anchor. (J may choose to wrap the thread around the middle anchor or have it pull against the tension of the middle thread). J will pull the thread to another wall - hammer a nail in a specific spot - cut off this section of the thread and tie it to the nail. Repeat until all nails have been used.

Preferred Documentation: Video, photo documentation of final action.